Bell Choir


Handbells are percussion instruments that originated in England in the 17th century. They were originally used in religious ceremonies, but presently their use extends to secular groups as well. Handbells are a simple instrument with a complex playing style, ranging from ringing one bell, to up to four bells played in one hand. Handbells are constructed from bronze and other metals. Unlike a school bell, the clapper can only move back and forth. English handbells are crafted using traditional materials, such as a leather clapper and handle, whereas American handbells are crafted using modern materials, such as plastic handles. Handbells can weigh as little as seven ounces and as much as 19 lbs.

First Congregational Church Handbell Choir
Top Ten List of Excuses & Rules 

No. 10 “God loves the mistakes too.”
No. 9 “I'm pretty sure all those notes that are clear in the middle get two beats.”
No. 8 “No one will ever know.”
No. 7 “The pianist always plays too fast.”
No. 6 “The congregation is going to love us anyway.”
No. 5 “Our choir director should have a full-time day job teaching mathematically challenged students who can’t count to four.”
No. 4 “Rests are actually important.”
No. 3 “Counting helps”  -  also  -  “Don’t bother to count, just listen to the words.”
No. 2 “Let’s blame it on El Niño."
No. 1 “There’s always next year.”   
* Best quote, by an anonymous member of the Bell Choir: “I’m late because my husband Bruce gave me the wrong bum steer.”