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First Congregational Church

Sunday Service  10am
Church School   10am

9:30 am during summer

Communion is served
on the first Sunday of
each month

Order of Worship

  • Gathering Music
  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Prelude (often by the Handbell Choir)
  • Responsive Call to Worship
  • The Prayer of Our Savior
  • Hymn of Praise
  • Invocation
  • Gloria Patri
  • Children's Message
  • Service of Gratitude
         Call to Give
         Offertory Response
         Offertory Prayer         
  • Prayers of the People
  • Anthem (Sanctuary Choir)
  • The Proclamation
         Scripture Readings
  • Departing Hymn
  • Our Common Commission
  • Benediction
  • Postlude